MOP Booleans Panel Cutters Assembly

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Requires both Modo and the MOP Booleans Kit here:

Also has a MIX Layer which allows you to use multiple operations in one layer.

A custom assembly that sets up 4 more mesh ops and another layer of union, subtract, and intersect. The 4 new mesh ops are:

Panel - Cuts a gap where the BOOL intersects with the base.

Union Panel - Applies a union but cuts a space between the BOOL and the base.

Wide Union Panel - Does the same as Union Panel, but leaves a space between the BOOL and the panel space.

Wide Sub Panel - Sub with a panel cut around it.

Set up to also fill appropriate faces with assigned materials.

I mis-spoke in the video. Alt3+ will change the color of your panel meshes. Alt4 is the new layer that was added with the assembly.

Forgot to mention that you can't use the panel materials outside of the panels, otherwise it will spread to everything else it is connected to. Also, don't set the panel width to exactly 0, because booleans don't like it when faces are directly on top of each other.

Paste the Panel Cutters Pie and pp_mop_form into the mopBooleans/Configs folder and replace the original form. This will let you set the hotkeys using MOP Boolean's form.


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MOP Booleans Panel Cutters Assembly

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